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I am Anita Ortega, a perinatal professional, keepsake artist, and placenta specialist. I’m passionate about life, joy, wholeness and all things birth related!

I long to see parents grow into the people they feel most whole as and I believe this can be hugely impacted by their birthing and postpartum experience. 


When I am not totally obsessing about birth, keepsake jewelry and placentas, I love to spend my time with my husband, son and dogs catching up on our favorite shows, drinking coffee and walking (“walking” is a thing, right?!).

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My Story

People often ask me why I became a doula. I spent four years in South Africa volunteering with an incredible organization, Baby Safe, that worked to support families and mothers in need. I often found myself working with pregnant people or new moms who were seeking hope so desperately, and who needed support just to make it another day. I learned so much about the need for love, support and hope from these strong women. I learned so much about myself and my own dreams. I fell in love with supporting them and found my dream job through this. I became a doula so I could continue to offer life, hope and options to birthing people all over the world.

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