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Getting your vaginal birth...

As a person who has had their babies multiple ways, I know how important that vaginal birth after a belly birth is. From an emotional, physical, trusting space, I understand the weight a second delivery and a want for a different outcome holds. 

This is why I have made coaching people who desire a vaginal birth a specialty of mine.  Since 2014 I have studied trauma informed birth, Baby Spinning, Optimal Maternal Positioning and am a patron of the VBAC Education Project. All of my TOLAC clients will receive a mini vbac info session and our in person visit will include belly mapping and exercises to do in early labor to support a different labor experience.   As long as you and baby are safe and  you want to continue .. I wont stop.

Vbac services include    $2400

  • 24/7 email and text support throughout pregnancy

  • 2  online pre-natal visits that will cover sharing previous birth experience, reviewing records and writing a birth preference plan

  • 1 in person pre natal with belly mapping to suggest moves to do in early labor

  • Comfort measures for partner

  • Labor and birth support

  • Labor and birth photos (like, really great photos)

  • 1 post partum visit

  • 1 overnight post partum shift

  • Continuous text, call or Zoom 4th trimester support​                    

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