Birth Doula and Educator Extraordinaire
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Hi, I am Ryah Jo

Because it's forever your experience...

Giving birth is one of the hardest and most gratifying human experiences a person can have, it's hard work getting a small human out of your body!  Labor can be long and exhausting, empowering, emotional and challenging.  And you can do it.

    As a medical anthropologist at heart, I have always been in awe of the way humans have cared for one another and the evolution of our medical industry.  While modern science and facilities have implemented policies, practices and tools that have re-vamped and altered the way in which humans give birth in many parts of the world, the design in the process of getting baby Earth-side has largely remained the same.  I am an educator, caregiver and healer so it felt a very natural calling, after serving 8 years as a Medic in the Air Force and my own experience during the delivery of my first child, to be drawn into birth work. In this space I am able to use my passion for supporting the body in its natural state, my training and familiarity with medical systems and the tools needed when necessary, to be able to provide comprehensive support to families as they navigate the various pathways of giving birth.  My philosophy is to empower you with knowledge and hands-on skills for labor and birth, provide evidence-based resources and work closely with your birth team so you are a full participate in the decision-making process.  My hope is that with transparency, communication, trust and encouragement we all work together to create a circle of support, to be your village, and ensure you and your partner receive the best labor and birth experience possible.

Next level labor support and personalized classes

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Birth Doula Services $1700




Get Some Sleep...

 Overnight Post partum Services $37 p/h

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Childbirth or Vbac birth Prep Course $145

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 Movement in labor and Comfort Measures in Home Workshop

.....for you and your birth partner.    $110



Education and Professional Accomplishment's...

  • EMT-B, United States Air Force (2002)

  • B.A. Humanities and Anthropology University of Washington (2010)

  • Midwife Assistant Midwives College of Utah (2011)

  • DONA trained (2011)

  • PALS birth doula certified (re-new every year)

  • MAWS (Midwives of Washington State) student rep (2011- 2013)

  • Neonatal Resuscitation (2011) *updated every 2 years*

  • University of Washington Doula volunteer (2012)

  • Basic Life Supported Certified and Instructor certified (2013)

  • Open Arms Birth Doula volunteer (2014-Present)

  • DONA Childbirth Educator Trained (2017)

  • Optimal Baby Position Trained (2017)

  • OMP (Optimal Maternal Positioning) certificate (2021)

  • Birth Trauma Informed Professional Training and Certification (CBI, 2020)

  • OMP Educator certification (current student)

My personal birth/postpartum experiences include:

  • All birthing places (Birth center, homebirth and hospital births)

  • Unmedicated and medicated labors and births

  • Medical planned inductions

  • High risk pregnancies

  • Multiples

  • Breastfeeding issues

  • Family centered/gentle cesarean birth

  • Cesarean birth recovery

  • Acupressure, massage and the art of surrendering 

  • TENS unit

  • Optimal Baby Positioning

  • Placenta Painting (Mamma Tree Art)

  • Birth trauma informed caregiver and childbirth educator

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loving this human experience...


  • I love running, it's kindof my church

  • I strength train (you'd appreciate it:)

  • I am a little squeamish around snakes but not spiders

  • I fancy myself a comedian and enjoy performing stand-up

  • I danced burlesque with a group of midwife students in my 30's. 

  • I was an Air Force Medic for 8 years

  • I love to read. Terry Pratchett, Mary Roach, Bill Bryson, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Tom Robbins and Margaret Thatcher are some of my favorite authors.

  • I am a biological mother of 2 super human down to Earth children (one son, one daughter) 

  • If I had 2 wishes... I would wish to have a day to take my parents to the park, when they where small children, and play with them.   2. I would wish to become a reincarnated caregiver for my aged children when they are old and leaving this Earth..



...Authentic, real and uncensored

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